Luis Alfonso Orellana

Data Scientist and Bioengineer

About Me

Hello! I'm a Data and Viz passionate

I've worked as consultant in data science projects in diverse areas; Genomics, Forestry, Astronomy, Scientometrics, among others, and as a dataviz professional for journals through the Associated Press


Some of my work

Moraga-Suazo, P., Orellana, L., Quiroga, P., Balocchi, C., Sanfuentes, E., Whetten, R. W., . . . Valenzuela, S. (2014). Development of a genetic linkage map for Pinus radiata and detection of pitch canker disease resistance associated QTLs. Trees, 28(6), 1823-1835.doi:10.1007/s00468-014-1090-2